Where my passion began and will end


Through my years I have always wanted to get into farming. I loved watching the tractors come and harvest the corn in the fields behind my house. I even grew my own plants as a kid. As I continued to get older my goals for what I wanted to spend my time on changed. Am I happy that I didn’t go the route of being a farmer?

If you have ever lived near farmers, then you know that it can be a lot of work to keep a farm going for years however, that’s what it takes in order to be a successful farmer. like in just about every career you’ll get what you put into it. If you put in the amount of work that is required to be a successful farmer than you will be a successful farmer. If you’re considering becoming a farmer than this article may help you to decide whether or not, you should.

In the beginning stages most farmers are young and walking at their daddy’s side learning as much as possible about farming. Many farmers are farmers because it’s a family business. Although there’s nothing wrong with it you don’t have to be in this situation to be a successful farmer. Many of them in your eyes are successful but should also represent your drive to start a new strain of business for your family.

The middle stages of a farmer’s career usually start once the boy/girl has reached their teen years. Then they work the farm while their parents manage it. The farmer learns and gets very proficient at handling tasks around the farm. These simple skills he/she learns will be greatly needed in the later stages of his career. Once it’s time for the farmer to pick up more responsibility then those skills come to great use He/she can then begin to teach other how to do the work that he does.

The final stage of the farmer’s career is long and never ending. Although it is likely that the farmer had a speedy and exciting beginning this stage is still very long and repetitive. The farmer will teach and work at much as possible until he is ready to hand down the rights to a son.

Scared of the dark?

As a child growing up in Deland, FL I remember being scared of the dark. I remember not wanting to go outside or in my own home unless the lights where on. I see how silly this concept is now as a grown up. When ever my mind was young I was constantly scared of the unknown. Now I continue to search for new unknowns in my life.

Remember when the carpet was lava?

Being scared or afraid of something that is different or of someone different may correspond together. I believe that if you’re are afraid of the unknown parts of your life then you could also be afraid to speak to people. Being a introverted person is normal. Most extroverted people start their life as introverted and over time mold into a extroverted person.


Being able and willing to go out and meet new people is a gift you should give to yourself. Having the ability to walk up to anyone and immediately begin a conversation with them does not come from luck. It comes from practice. Practicing  conversation and meeting new people will mold you into a person that can make sales and convert people’s opinions.


Having this ability should not be taken lightly. Many people have used this advantage of being a extroverted and outgoing person and gone far in life because of it. If you are a shy or introverted type of person than consider this. Extroverted people on average make more friends, more income, and have healthier family lives. I’m telling you that you should become someone else but to instead mold the person you are into a better performing you.


Molding your mindset to make yourself into a extroverted person takes time and practice. However like anything if you stay persistent and give it enough time then you will get your goal. Simple as that a combination of time and persistence will get you everything you desire. It’s right there at your finger tips just grab it.


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Hi, My name is Jesus

No not the original dude you see hanging around old women’s necks on a crucifix. I am the more modern normal version of him. No I don’t have super powers like the original but I can skateboard pretty good!